What you cannot do:
• Use selfie sticks to take pictures;
• Enter the exhibition rooms with a backpack, bag or umbrella — a cloakroom is available at reception;
• Shoot photos with flash or tripod;
• Touch the exhibits;
• Be accompanied by animals, except assistance dogs;
• Eat or drink inside the exhibition;
• Run;
• Lean against walls;
• Smoke;
• Use your mobile phone to make calls

Other rules:
• Children must always be accompanied by adults;
• You must respect the indications of the exhibition assistants;
• Groups without the supervision of Casa do Montado assistants are governed by the previously stated regulations;
• Any unusual event or accident must be immediately reported to a member of Casa do Montado;
• In duly identified cases, some pieces or exhibitions may be subject to rules different from those presented here;
• In case of a high number of visitors, access may be temporarily restricted.
• Damage caused to the exhibited contents or equipment will be accountable to those responsible, if their responsibility is proven.

• All groups must schedule the visit in advance, regardless of whether or not they carry out visits or activities of the Educational Services;
• Appointments must be made at least a week in advance to the email address: (;
• Casa do Montado must be informed about the characteristics of the group;
• Number of participants per group: between 6 and 25 people, or 1 class;
• Groups must arrive a few minutes before the visit, so that the visit starts at the scheduled time;
• Teachers and other group leaders are responsible for the behaviour and safety of group members. In no case does Casa do Montado assume this responsibility on its behalf. Failure to comply with the rules implies the end of the visit.


• Always wear a mask;
• Sanitize your hands at the beginning and end of the visit;
• When walking, keep a distance of 2 meters from other people;
• Family/cohabitants can visit together (maximum of 4 people);
• Avoid touching any surfaces;
• Avoid forming groups;
• Follow the directions given by the employees.

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